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Kill Cliches with Lethal Analogies Cliches suck. It starts repairing and adds extra muscle tissue during sleep. Exercise can help you do that. It could be from a book, a blog post, or a sales letter. I removed everything that was repetitive, and replaced boring words with high power verbs to create a more vivid image that hits where it hurts.

Now take the piece of writing that impacted you and break it down. John Carlton would slip into a different of writing clothes to get him in the zone.

Again, we would recommend that you pick a style and stick with it throughout your CV.

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Many people overuse capital letters, capitalising every word in a title, inconsistently capitalising job titles or departments, and even capitalising entire sentences for emphasis. Doing the same routine day in day out leads to you hitting plateaus. But, did you know that when engaged in a powerful reading session, you receive a boost in connectivity in the part of the brain that is associated with the receptivity of language?

But they also carry more impact with less words.

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Just be sure to write every day and make it a habit. Is it concise and powerful? When you start editing while you write, you slow down your writing speed, lose momentum and are more likely to doubt what yourself. What do they struggle with the most? Your friend will: Ask you questions to make sure you understand Fluctuate his tone of voice to emphasise points Give you analogies, similes and metaphors to explain better Similarly, you can do same thing with your words. Grab a pen and blank paper. It needs constant stimulation to grow and become stronger. I, me, and my. Analyze what the writer does to make it so powerful. You can find out more about at www. We all know that any writer worth his salt is a serious reader. By the time he reached his next point of cover, both guards were dead. It could be from a book, a blog post, or a sales letter.

And what better way to learn from those that you admire right? I often need to remind the year-old inside me to fall in line! Kill them…with high power analogies.

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