Types of case study analysis

The same can be said for other safety issues in cars.

Case study method

Key Terms! If she made a noise, she was beaten. Take an online course in How to Write Case Studies. Think of an example of an explanatory case study that could be done today When developing the case study, the researcher will explain the crash, and the detailed causes of the brake failure. These studies were invaluable because it is impossible to recreate the events for research purposes. This should be done even if the case study is on an older subject. Ethics Ethics are a large part of the case study process, and most case studies require ethical approval. Intrinsic An intrinsic case study is the study of a case wherein the subject itself is the primary interest. Click an approach on the left to navigate to it.

The researcher should create a list with four or five bullet points that need answers. Again, "Genie" was a year-old girl who was discovered by social services in Los Angeles in The case study's goal is to prove that further investigation is necessary. They asked the question…"If a child is never introduced to language during the crucial first years of life, can they acquire language skills when they are older?

exploratory case study

You will want to choose a topic that is interesting to you, and a topic that would be of interest to your potential audience. This process will be different depending on what type of case study you are planning to do.

types of case studies in qualitative research

Since Genie was placed in a children's hospital, many different clinicians could observe her. Research Strategy Before beginning the study you want a clear research strategy.

Types of case study analysis

But before this can begin, it is imperative the researcher gets informed consent from the subjects. They will investigate what actions caused the brakes to fail, and what actions could have been taken to prevent the failure. Ideally you have a passion for the topic, as then you will better understand the issues surrounding the topic, and which resources would be most successful in the study. The same can be said about airbags and collapsible steering columns. We will investigate each type in this article. Exploratory case studies are very popular in psychology and the social sciences. Focus on the results, not the topic! These questions will help determine the study's goals. Explanatory The explanatory case study focuses on an explanation for a question or a phenomenon. The questions are decided before hand, and the expected answers are usually simple. Click an approach on the left to navigate to it Social Return on Investment SROI An participatory approach to value-for-money evaluation that identifies a broad range of social outcomes, not only the direct outcomes for the intended beneficiaries of an intervention. The researcher must explain what the study is trying to achieve, and how their contribution will help the study. What other information do you need to know to successfully complete the study?
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Definition of Case Study