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Think about the content storage In order to make your own trivia game app, you need to have proper storage for saving the questions and answer choices as well as other related gaming information scores, profiles, etc.

Cavazzani: We have a lot of new stuff we want to release, like missions, special editions for the holidays or Halloween, all this new content we can distribute.

The mix of live advertising and IAPs looks like a strong one for future mobile games to take advantage of. The creators are also the creators of the now shuttered app, Vine, so they know a thing or two about our appetite for video. A growing fan base, notwithstanding, if you are just like me, as in if you are oblivious to the game plan of this app, here you go.

I created the first iPhone stock-trading application in the world, which is now owned by Ameritrade.

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We hit number one in the App Store in December and stayed there until the beginning of the next March. But then, what gives it one- upmanship over Quiz Up is its addictive content and social interactivity.

That allows us to get the best people here in Argentina, which has a very strong education system.

The game includes quizzes, daily challenges, leaderboard, lifelines, bonuses, coins as well as amazing design. But thankfully, Trivia Crack is cut from a different cloth. For your information, the TV show in Argentina ran for about six months.


We already did it! If we look at how television has progressed, we see people are watching more and more on their own time and not on the network's.

As you might already know, the mobile app economy is a copycat industry and this area of live video in gaming is certainly something I expect to grow even if HQ doesn't find long term success. Think about the vast data and network traffic: in order to handle it, the server should be both adaptive and reliable. Yes, about million users, across the whole wide world, have succumbed to the charms of this gaming app, which has received considerable leg-up because of its knowledge-enriching content. Related Posts Find out how to create a web and mobile design that will make the experience of interacting with your product pleasant and effective. Of course you have some challenges here. When you answer a question, you can see the author of the question another Trivia Crack user as well as the name of the person who translated the question, if there is a translation. Above: Etermax created Pictionary on smartphones.

At present, Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud stand up as the most trustworthy and secure servers.

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