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Spaniards did not reach Luzon until The schools focused on the Christian Doctrines. The young man wins this through knowledge and perseverance, and after he has won it, it is abolished, because. Like people, like government, we will say in paraphrase of a popular adage. In Malacca, with the Portuguese? It was written to expose the truth and nothing but the truth. In this article, he pointed out that even before the Coming of Spaniards, Filipinos were Industrious and hardworking and active in agriculture, industries and commerce and the coming of the Spaniards to the country brought about the decline in economic activities because the Filipinos had abandoned their pre-Hispanic industries. Hong Kong, which is not worth the most insignificant of the Philippines, has more commercial movement than all the islands together, because it is free and is well governed. Instead of patient, Philippines; instead of malady, indolence. Now then, the government, which has a constant fear of the people, denies to the farmers even the use of a shotgun, or if it does allow it does so very grudgingly and withdraws it at pleasure; whence it results with the laborer, who, thanks to his means of defense, plants his crops and invests his meager fortune in the furrows that he has so laboriously opened, that when his crop matures it occurs to the government, which is impotent to suppress brigandage, to deprive him of his weapon; and then, without defense and without security, he is reduced to inaction and abandons his field, his work, and takes to gambling as the best means of securing a livelihood. Provide school institutions for boys and girls in every town. The fact is that in tropical countries violent work is not a good thing as it is in cold countries, there it is death, destruction, annihilation.

Rizal says. When and where this kind of attitude started and what are the reasons for this developed type of mentality among us Filipinos? Thus while they attempt to make of the native a kind of animal, yet in exchange they demand of him divine actions.

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Two main reasons why the Filipinos are indolent: Defects of training Limited training at home, school Inactivity results from this One will move to being a copycat suited to nature Do what is told to us e. Filipinos are taught to be inferior. Morga, who was Lieutenant-Governor of Manila for seven years and after rendering great service in the Archipelago was appointed criminal judge of the Audiencia of Mexico and Counselor of the Inquisition.

The facility with which individual liberty is curtailed, that continual alarm of all from the knowledge that they are liable to a secret report, a governmental ukase, and to the accusation of rebel or suspect, an accusation which, to be effective, does not need proof or the production of the accuser.

The whole misfortune of the present Filipinos consists in that they have become only half-way brutes. Words:Paragraphs: 7, Pages: 3 Publication date: December 30, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

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We must confess that indolence does actually and positively exist there, only that, instead of holding it to be thecause of the backwardness and the trouble, we regard it as theeffect of the trouble and the backwardness, by fostering the development of a lamentable predisposition.

I hope that a lot more people would read this essay because of the issues and realizations that we can get from it.

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