The californians tale summary essay

He speaks so highly of her and tells him she will be back on Saturday as she had gone on an errand somewhere near.

The californians tale summary essay

Little did he know the wife had already died for the last 19 years? This party is to help him believe his wife I indeed coming. From the start of the story to the end of the story the thoughts, behaviors, and actions of the characters did not change. When Henrys friends came over to throw the party for Henry's wife the traveler found out how much love Henry needed. Like the rest of the cottage, the bedroom is ornately decorated. Soon, Henry is drunk and the miners put him to bed in his cottage while assuring him that his wife will be there in a half-an-hour. He reads Joe the letter from his wife, and like Tom, the letter makes Joe weep. This Henry action is to make a party waiting his wife to come back every year.

The story is all about the remembrance of a wife who is dead and how the husband is still in denial for the longest time. Henry then invites him to join him for some time.

the californians tale effect of surprise essay

This Henry action is to make a party waiting his wife to come back every year. In this case, the character in the story became mad due to depression after his wife was kidnapped by the Native Americans but is waiting for her to come back.

The Narrator becomes increasingly impatient, staring repeatedly at his watch. The problem with this is that one year later they will have to repeat the fake party.

The californians tale theme

Does each incident grow logically out of the preceding incident and lead naturally to the next? However in the end the story leaves a sad mood when he realizes the wife did not come back, every year around the same time of arrival the story repeats itself. She was a nineteen-year old newlywed woman who was in love. Each incident will not affect the natural because every they just do the same thing, made a party, and put Henry to sleep by drugs. His neighbor does this because he knows that when Henry awakes, he will realize that his wife is truly gone. He just do the same things over and over again every years. Share Article: Importance of being on time essay Why is honesty important in a friendship? We also consummate it in staying faithful to our husband or wife on earth.

I also feel that Mark Twain wanted to get the message across that marriages are made in heaven and consummated on earth through Henry.

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