Story comic strips writing activities

Teacher resets the timer. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Make the comic strip Give students a comic strip with a short paragraph for each frame.

Activity 3 One of the strengths of the web site is its applicability to classroom studies.

teaching reading comprehension using comic strips

They must fill in the blanks in their written story by using the comic strip pictures. Everyone then adds new elements to their own maps. Here is how to create a comic strip in 6 simple steps: How to create a comic strip: As this is your first-ever comic strip we will focus on creating a three-frame comic.

What are their special interests or ambitions? Ask them to order them and to imagine what the story or situation is. As well, many students are assisted by integrating visual note-taking skills into their repertoire of strategies. Procedure: This is an excellent activity to introduce during Circle Time Activity at the start of each day.

Students can work on their own or in pairs. Many students find it is less intimidating to fill talk balloons than to write a paragraph of text. From the literature: "A logograph is a visual symbol This is definitely a high-interest writing activity.

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Comic Strip Creations Lesson Plan