Sixth term examination papers in mathematics

Sixth term examination papers in mathematics

Meikleriggs Mathematics : Dr Peter Mitchell's web site contains lots of useful mathematics including complete solutions to STEP papers from past years. Other universities sometimes ask candidates to take STEP as part of their offer — in such cases, the university can advise on which papers to take. All past papers from are available to download from Cambridge Assessment and include: answers to all questions from , solutions with explanation and mark scheme for the STEP I paper. The first page of the answer booklet will be perforated so that it can be detached before marking as part of the anonymisation process. Note: even though the specification for STEP in onwards has changed from that in previous years, the style of the questions is unaltered and questions from previous papers can be used for preparation. Unfortunately I am not ready for the past papers yet. Instead, all graphs should be sketched inside the answer booklets alongside the answer to the question. Apparently the only way to prepare is by doing past papers.

Find all the resources at maths. If they do not do so, only their first attempt will be marked, unless a later attempt is clearly substantially more complete. STEP papers. No restrictions are placed on the number of questions that may be attempted and all questions carry the same weight.

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The format of the first three pages has changed as STEP will be fully anonymised before it is marked. You should check with your exams officer about any costs you may be required to meet. The University has launched a free online Support Programme at: www. Graph paper is not provided, as the test requires only sketches, not detailed graphs. Find all the resources at maths. Preparation for STEP serves as useful preparation for our course. Apparently the only way to prepare is by doing past papers.

Your offer will usually include grades in papers 2 and 3. STEP is based on material that's common to the core syllabus of A Level Mathematics or equivalent and so requires no further knowledge.

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Candidates must not attach any extra sheets to the booklet. We encourage you to look at these to familiarise yourself with the style, format and time constraints of the exams.

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Each question is followed by a comment and a full solution. This includes: online modules for individual additional study, starting in the summer of Y12 and released weekly These resources are free and open to everyone. Books designed for maths contests and the Olympiads does not help because of the contents. STEP papers. Offers are normally made on achievement in the qualifications taken in Year 13 or equivalent — if relevant, please see the FAQ on qualifications taken early. The questions on STEP 2 and 3 are intended to be of about the same difficulty. Related links. Your offer will usually include grades in papers 2 and 3. The STEP Support Programme consists of a series of weekly modules, and is designed for individual self-study from the summer of Year 12 onwards.

This is an accessible and structured introduction to advanced problem solving, which will help build confidence, fluency and speed.

However, only the six best answers will be used in the calculation of the final grade for the paper.

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In all three STEP papers, candidates have 3 hours to complete at most six questions from a choice of 13 eight Pure Mathematics questions, three Mechanics questions, and two Probability and Statistics questions. See also.

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Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP) and Further Mathematics