Essay about education system in pakistan

The result is society does not promote pedagogy and education system of Pakistan fails to produce passionate youngsters which may play a positive role in society.

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People who do not get job in any other sector, they try their luck in educational system. Islam also emphasises on education and its importance but I think in our country we truly are at loss. In addition to that more funds should be allocated for education and there should be a proper system of accountability. Upon successful completion of these two examination, they are awarded a SSC Certificate. The policy formulating, planning and implementing bodies work in isolation as the water tight compartments. In good institutes dues are so high that a normal person cannot think about it. According to a survey there is only one teacher for fifty one students. The number of students decreases as one surveys from school level to university level.

The textbooks need be made more facilitating, student and learning friendly. Subject Taught at Secondary Level of Education: The curriculum usually includes a combination of eight courses including elective subject such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer as well as compulsory subject such as Mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies.

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However, there are certain private schools which are slightly better than the public ones. There are five levels within the Pakistani education system. Teachers are not trained and qualified properly in Pakistan.

Essay about education system in pakistan

We have schools, colleges and universities, controlled by the government. Low strength is not only attribute to financial and family problems but also to the gender discrimination Girls are not always encouraged in education as compared to boys. It invites positive and constructive change in life. Education system is needed to be revamped making a space for the science, IT, management, and pupil with the excellence to go to the higher education pursuing the education of their own choice. As relevant statistics are not available, implementation of the education policy has not been successfully executed. The policy has projected new plans and promises to the nation pointing to the fact that all the public schools will be raised to the level of private schools within the shortest period of time. Most of the students in our schools and colleges are not receiving a quality education. Scholarships and financial support to students: Students should be offered more scholarships and government should support the intelligent and outstanding students to prosper, develop and serve their local community rather than migrating to the big cities.

Class room environment should be highly interactive and activity based. Honours degree required three or four years of study, and students normally specialize in a chosen field of study such as Microbiology BS Hons.

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Doctor of Philosophy PhD education is also available in selected areas and is usually pursued after earning a M. Most of the public sector educational institutions stay in a status of poor condition lacking even basic facilities, resultantly shaking the presupposed standards of education.

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Our universities have failed to produce the planners, developers, implementers, and decision makers. The natural calamities, political turbulence, provincialisms, and political motivations make the best planned, fail. Only some schools are available in peripheries but these schools are either not functional or they only exist in papers. Order now That is why people always look abroad for proper education and good life. The education system we are running with is not working anymore. Key Performance Indicators for Education Systems The frequently used indicators for assessing education and its systems are adult literacy rates, male and female enrollment at different levels of education, participation rate in the different areas of the country; the dropout rates, the amount of resources allocated to education as a proportion of the GDP and some measures of the quality of education being pursued. The government has failed to equip institutions with proper facilities on the other hand it has make education worse by political influence in education. It is crystal clear that Islamic Education is necessary for Muslims but it is also a fact that without modern education no one can compete in this world. This means that like the US education system it has grades, and in this case, the grades work in levels. Others have to support their families or might have other family and financial problems which do not allow them to continue their education further more. We have kept the opportunities open for all to participate in general education at all levels especially the university level. Half of the children who de go to schools drop out before completing the primary stage. Increase in teachers incentives 6. Here are the other things I discovered about the Pakistani education system. This is due to the low financial benefits and indifferent attitude of government towards them.
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